Winter Scene Breakdown

Click for more detail. I wanted to take on the challenge of doing one of the harder objectives in 3d work, creating a convincing winter environment.


Original inspiration

Screen Shots of Finished Work

Built using UDK

Screen Shot of some of the trees in the build


Demonstration of low-poly mountains complete with Z-indexed snow shader





My work with textures here, I wanted to make the most of every map, while providing myself with flexibility to reuse maps to increase performance as draw calls are a harsh master. Nearly all textures were created with combination of hand panting and photo manipulation and are tiling.


Ground Textures

Tree and Foliage Textures

Please note the branch and bush textures utilize alpha channels


Ruins Textures


Breakdown of the Z-index snow shader

The goal was to mix the red rock surface with the red stone work in multiple UV channels with a snow texture and normal map applied on the up facing sides of the geometry. This made creating a snow scene much easier. I used the blending of 2 textures with a randomized mask to help break up any sensation of tiling when viewing objects.