Katarina Project Pipeline

Backstory and Concept

I wanted to the character to express high-class lifestyle, but retain the severity that brought to her current station in life. Thus the confidence, and athletic features. Also the armor was designed to closely emulate the feel of real, functional historic armor, with a fantasy flair.



High Rez (warning large file)


I used some photo sources in the hands hair and chain mail. Though the hair tuffs were hand painted. The specular maps were hand painted.




This rig utilized Reaction Manager to open and close the fingers individually. The rig uses a reverse foot and an attribute holder, again with Reaction Manager to control the action of the foot. I created facial morphs.





Final Composition


A final comp showing off the character from concept to rigged model. Also included are a selection of facial morphs that help illustrate character.


Final Animation

Katarina Walk/Run from Chris Marker on Vimeo.